Oct 5, 2005

Poxy Chicks

Its been a while since I chronicled the ups and downs of my life. Probably they were too mundane, or perhaps a wee bit precious to be open to the public eye. But nevertheless, the recent happenings that would make the headlines of my journal don’t necessarily classify under insipid ramblings.

Without further ado, let me get to the crux of the issue. The thing is , one of my roomies contracted chicken pox over the weekend. Living in Banglore’s tell tale pigeon hole PGs , hasn’t been a matter of consolation for the rest of us. Of the ten in the house, it so happens that I am the only one who hasn’t had a bout of the ailment before. Having spent the crucial 3 days of the disease’s onset with her, worsens my predicament.

Though she was put on a flight back home, it was all hulla bullo in the house. The room was disinfected, we bathed in dettol and margo, the bitter tasting neem soap (taste!!, now when did I start swallowing soap??) , our sheets and blankets given to the Dhobi.
Someone suggests a homeopathic medicine in lieu of a vaccine, and people rush in all directions to procure the same.

Two of us being the immediate contacts of the infected, panicked the most when that howler of an e-mail bearing the bad news came. Trying our luck with the health center in office, and making fools of ourselves with the broken kannada that we know, we thought it prudent to brave the showers and go to a hospital.

Not willing to take risks, we decided it best to visit one of the city’s posh and renowned hospitals. Taken for a ride, literally and metaphorically we reached the hospital, only to be hopelessly mis-directed in the maze of OPDs, DMOs, and Receptionists, enquiry, physicians…. The medical jargon can have you flabbergasted at an hour of need. Frustrated at having done multiple rounds of the humungous edifice, we settled for a scale down. From renowned medical care, we entrusted ourselves to lesser known multi-specialty health service. Waiting for what seemed to be eons, marveling at the mind boggling ineptitude of the receptionists, we finally got to have a tête-à-tête with a youngish looking doctor. I have this prejudice against young doctors, ever since one jammed a needle into my skin that couldn’t be removed without a minor surgery. But this lady seemed courteous. Though she didn’t tell me anything optimistic, one good thing she did was to help me accept my situation and know the facts and be prepared.

Haven’t had such an eventful day in ages.. Although got to know the flip side of things when a particular person with whom I have had a decent enough rapport, curtly refused to have anything to do with me… She just fell short of demanding that I should be quarantined. I do understand her rationale if she was as vulnerable as me, but she has already contracted the disease and developed immunity. Nevertheless, paranoia does make people act strangely.

Having to accept reality and taking it in the stride, enjoying a seemingly bleak situation, I guess all this does have an impact on my outlook to life. I know I should be worried, but however hard I try, I m not able to manage anything more than a stupid-looking brooding countenance. Yesterday I ended up entertaining my colleagues by throwing a tantrum at an imaginary itch and they goaded me to embarrassment with their jibes. Of late, I ve even been planning a long vacation home if at all I contract the pox, which would in all likelihood coincide with the festival holidays up ahead. Right now contemplating about starting all PG (paying guest) band and calling ourselves the “Poxy Chicks”.

Just crossing fingers that I shouldn’t have any scars, at the end of it all, for it would send my mom on an endless lament regarding my value in the marriage market..

As a matter of fact, the whole thing is weirdly exciting, waiting with bated breath for that notorious boil, scrubbing vigorously behind the ears ( which I unfailingly forget to do) while I bathe, touching my forehead every now and then.. I never knew I could amuse myself so much till now…

Not an auspicious thing to start my blog with.. Still, I thought I should write about it all..

So folks, until that 15 day gestation period for the virus is done with, the suspense stays!!
See you all again with a sequel to the Poxy Chicks….



R.Subramanian said...

"Poxy Chicks" now thatz really cool name :)

wonderful write up on whatz supposed to be on ur problems and sufferings.... hey suks......u really write well when it comes to narration.. i liek this blogspot site more than ur blogdrive where u drive me crazy, overloading with all english hi-fundas

vinny was telling too that you are running for shelter from chicken pox....... take care suks... i am just wondering..... wat else? u had most of these major attacks.......... hmmmmmmmmm

DoZ said...

Nice post. I've been through this numerous times myself...The problem's made worse when I can't ever remember if I had the measles or chicken pox as a kid... I probably place myself at greater risk by acting blithely around the WRONG disease... Gad, I need to stop browsing & start worrying...When was the last time I came into touch with a sick person?

The Soliloquist said...

Yep.. that was trauma manifold.. anyways, me and the great dieaseas hav a strange affinity... But always had momma n poppa to take care... and pamper ..hehe..