Dec 27, 2005

At the end of Pandora’s Box….

I attended the mid night mass at St.Patrick’s, Bangalore, on Christmas Eve. Amidst the many words that kept me awake in those wee-hours, there was one that stood out … Love, compassion, duty, and so on and so forth…It set me thinking on these lines … One quality that mankind has been blessed with is Hope.
Hope holds the spirit of humanity up like a beacon, engulfing every drained soul with an invigorating radiance. Hope makes living a meaningful exercise. From the day we set foot on this earth, each one of us faces the inevitable- Death. Then what is it that gets us going? What is it that makes us dream, aspire, laugh and cry despite the cognizance of an end that’s just around the corner? What is it that makes mankind resurrect itself from the embers of destruction and rise like a Phoenix just to face another bout of calamity?

Everything must die, plants, insects, humans, civilizations, cultures, nations, earth, moon , The Sun and one day the Universe…Then why do we look ahead of our times, plan for a future thatmay not be?? What is it that makes Existence as certain as Death?? Its hope… Hope that a tomorrow exists even though today is uncertain. A hope that what goes up must come down. A light that flickers at the end of the tunnel…. Hope makes man acknowledge his Creator, and his own Self…

My ode to Hope:
Lonely streets Beckon
Winding roads ahead
Burdens of the soul
Weigh me down
Tears die unshed

Invisible chains
Cut my flesh
With weary feet
I trudge along
Scars of the past
Rip open afresh
Their strident din
Drowning my song

Lost in the surreal
Groping in vain
For a foothold
My sanity faces
A fatal trial
Truth chimes in silence
When it goes untold

Drifting shreds of flotsam
Futile sifting in the wrecks
Sinking to the deeps, I am
An inconspicuous speck………………

Black shadowed by White
A flashing glimpse of paradise
I bathe in sublime delight
Of the Bliss that’s worth the price
-The Lunatic Bard


Nero said...

I get knocked down
but I get up again
you're never gonna keep me down
-- Chumbawamba (Tubthumping)

Hope is what lights the fire within when you're almost burnt out, and that's what keeps it burning.

Extremely well put, soliloquist.

so-hum said...

My belated wishes for a prosperous, merry, fun-filled happy new year

The Soliloquist said...

@nero: Thanks :-)
@so-hum: Thanks and wish u the same :-)

justrohin said...

Interesting.. All the essence of god's creation summmed up in one word "HOPE".. Very true its hope that keeps one going relentlessly endlessly.

Hope also gives birth to the risk taking ability in the otherwise risk averse people and for those who have tasted both the sides of risktaking it gives a renewed burst of vigour anda "dash" of color unmatched unseen except by the risk taker.