Jul 3, 2006

July Seconds

Fate’s whips lash
Dreams crumble
Before your eyes
Embers slipping
Through your fingers
Fall on your knees
As Tears harden
With Silent sighs
Nascent Smiles die
Nothing matters
Any more
A cherished mural
Washed down
By a downpour
A secret joy
To a personal sorrow
Grieve for what that was
Grieve for what could’ve been
Hurt that bottles up
Corked and buried

In the recesses
Of your psyche
Pain that shall
Follow you
To Your grave

A resounding blow
That makes a man
Out of a boy
Way too soon

The world baring
Its teeth at an
Hapless kid
Numbed beyond defense

Illusions stripped
To reveal
Reality that
Would Morph
Into illusions

A bed of roses
Meandering mirage
The haze clears
Needles and pins
Thorns and nails

Destiny grins
Piteous pleas
Last cries
Lost cries

Shadows of the past
Dregs of evanescent pleasure
Seals of destination missed
Disembowel your spirit

Shoulders sag
Gait slacks
Vision blurs
Conscience kills

Pain inexpressible
Misery sans vent
A slow poison
Numbing delight

Get a grip
Shake it off
It wasn’t meant to be
Was it ?

You were meant
For other things
It was for someone else
Probably it aint that good……

Move on…
Drag on…
Grit your teeth
And Endure..

Doors are still
Waiting to be opened..
Don’t fret
Over the one that closed…….

A loser’s pep talk?
A booster for the last lap?
Roads that lead nowhere?
Incarcerated for life
Edmond Dantes
Or The Count of
Mounte Cristo?

-The Lunatic Bard


catch 22 said...

Isnt it awesome. My favorite line

"A resounding blow
That makes a man
Out of a boy
Way too soon"

The Soliloquist said...

Thanks Avi. But such abnormal maturity isnt all that healthy...
And thanks for adding me in orkut as well... After all the ruckus i created in your blog...

catch 22 said...

Why do you call it abnormal? Its so diffcult to call something as normal, i mean I have always wondered what defines normal, is it something that is prevalent or is it something defined by the society ? After all what is maturity ? the ability to make your own decisions ? the ability to sort out what good and evil ? How does one attain maturity, through ones experiences in life ? Learning from others experiences ? if that is so a resounding blow can indded make a boy, man.

Hey come on now it was not a ruckus or anything. We should talk some day roobaroo.

The Soliloquist said...

well.. the mood in which i wrote this isnt something i d like to make normal... normal to me is anything i m comfortable with, anything that doesnt stir an extreme emotion...
True, maturity gives one the freedom of choice, and the burden of responsibility.. but thats just one facet.. Maturity can also take away the child like innocence and the innate trust in humanity.. When a boy becomes a man overnight, he loses more than he gains...
About the ruckus,I kinda felt awkward at the end of it all,sometimes when the argument gets one to one, as well as many to one, things can get dirty...

Glad to talk, any day..

catch 22 said...

Maturity is a tricky thing, when you don have it u wan it and when u have it you don want it.

By your definition of normal life wouldn be so much fun. I mean extreme emotions are inevitable and they make life more interesting. You cannot help feeling stongly abt certain things.

The Soliloquist said...

When the emotional extremes are strong enough to leave a scar or an impairment,normal life would seem so precious. Some changes are irreversible. Not all of them are welcome.