Nov 16, 2006

Fate of a Flower

O, Flower of spring by the footpath
That the little girl bends down to pluck
Frozen for the future with a click
Wow! How so picturesque!

O, Flower of spring by the footpath
Crushed by mighty feet
To a messy pulp on the street
Cruel, Mean and brusque

I, a Flower of spring by the footpath
Between Slow death in a porcelain coffin
And a needless euthanasia, Enfin,
Mine Creator, when will I fructify?
- L.B


EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

some's lifecycle is itself part of a seemingly a "whole/fuller" lifecycle; its the wrong expectation that sets it up to assume that it would adopt the 'other' lifecycle... :)

The Soliloquist said...

@ G : (aping tyler, dont know ur name.. and your blogger id is way too long ! )

Its again all a question of time and relativity...

But as we know (via science, although a source of knowledge subject to many ambiguities) that a flower's purpose of creation is to fructify and help in pro creation. But life as we know it could take it on a different path.

True, that every thing has its place and role in a grand scheme of things.

Also wanted to say somethin about how things we percieve as good or bad, might be different from the other end. ( tried to look from the flower's angle !)

anyways, wrote it on a whim.... nothing too deep or philosophical :-)