Dec 19, 2006

SOS from Space.

Day 1:
Hit the sack @ 1.00 am
Rose and shone @ 6.00 am.

Day 2:
Zzzz time: when the clock chimed a dozen in the dark
Brrred awake by Banglore chill : 5.30 am.

Day 3:
Curtains down by half an hour beyond midnight.
Up and shivering by half past six.

Day 4:
Slipped into slumber land at 11.45 pm
Migrated to a transcendental stupor at 6.00 am

Location: Office

9.00 am: Winked, sorry worked at a document with eyelids half mast .
9.05 am: Found this piece of alien Morse code to have materialized* mysteriously in my document.
9.30 am: Hard at work trying to figure out what the hapless Extra terrestrial tried to communicate. If any one can crack it, please let me know ASAP. A poor soul is in distress, albeit alien.

* : Key boards make very lousy head rests.


interfer--on said...

hoyee thoongamoonchee,

Nokia will close down da if ye doze off, mid of code coolifications :P

Nero said...


The Soliloquist said...

@ interfer : :-)
@ nero : hmmmm.... :-)