Mar 13, 2007

Sol's soup for the Soul

The greatest fear is the fear of failure.

Go on, get on with your lives... Dont worry about me, I'd be alright.. (And leave me alone, for Godsake!)

The best kind of tribute is silence.

There has to be something good about everything.The question is, whether one wants to see it or not.

The best time on earth is when one can own every passing second.

The bigger picture is always better;The details being miracles.

Music becomes melody when the words dont seem to matter.

The strange can become familiar, and the familiar strange. Time is the greatest trickster of all time!

Love is a flattering feeling.

Its easy to be mysterious, but tough to be open.

We are all born with a burden, that of pleasing ourselves.


Some of these are my two cents on life. The rest, unforeseen consequences of too many Prav's world forwards .


Nero said...

thathuvam overload! :D

The Soliloquist said...

yes I know !! thats what happens when one is lonely for long !(have moved to a new place and not been able to make friends !)

Anonymous said...

hoye suks,

Insipid soup da... add some spice to it ;))


catch 22 said...

@ Sol - Nice post :). Moved to a new place?

@ Vinny - you want spice eh ? To the every sentence add 'in bed' at the end. ;) . At sol no offence meant :)

Anonymous said...

Catch 22 - ye can come n comment for suks blog. I dont want yer stupid comments on my comment. I would be tres pleased if follow that.


The Soliloquist said...

@vinny : ofcourse... profound thoughts of wisdom arent peppy.. are they ;-)

@catch: welc back... ltnc.. :-)
moved back to chennai... temporarily... but hatin the junta...

@catch again :
"that" aint the only spice in life ;)
and about the offence.. none taken. :-)

@ vinny again:

your choice of words in the comment were misleadin... but guess it has brought in the "spice" that was missin in the post... :-).. Thanks for makin the effort to comment despite forgettin your blogger id.. :-p

catch 22 said...

@ Viiny - Chiil, Shall remember that :)

@ Sol - You moved to chennai, thats cool. Must be really good to be back home it wud take some time to adjust to people there. These days I feel odd when I am at home in chennai.

I know thats not the only spice in life. Twas jus a joke, guess Vinny dint like it. Its the easiest way of making any profound statement into laughing stock.

The Soliloquist said...

That provokes another one...

Every profound statement is inherantly laughing stock.

Guess I am at it ... ;-)

musafir said...

Taking off from Catch22...

The greatest fear is that of being misunderstood.

Go on, get on with your lives. Let me be miserable.

The best kind of tribute is imitation.

There has to be something good about everything.One usually starts thinking that way when the situation is totally hopeless.

The best time(s) on earth are those spent in the restroom. (couldn't help that ... with all due respect to yuor blog)

The bigger picture is always better.That way I can always say when I screw up, "Hey I was looking at the bigger picture! Who knew the transistor couldn't sink so much current?"

Music becomes melody when I don't/can't/refuse to understand the lyrics.

The strange can become familiar like the subjects in an Engineering course, and the familiar strange like the Andhra mess owner to whom I owe a hundred bucks.

Flattery is a flattering feeling.

Its easy to be mysterious, but tough to be open. But what's tougher is keeping your eyes open at work after lunch.

That said, nice post :-) ... and what's this about a new place and not being able to make friends?

The Soliloquist said...

Nice spoof.. :-)

Reiterates my latest...

"Every profound statement is inherantly laughing stock".

Abt da new place...moved to u wrote somewhere in ur blog... the chennai of my times is so diff from chennai of today !! makes me feel old and lost...

Perhaps i miss my friends so much that I refuse to see the oppurtunities to make new ones...

But somehow, its a lot easier to connect to new people in bangy.. Or mayb I feel so...

Since you asked,me off to cribbin mode... Even a smile seems so out of place here.. People read so much meaning into each of ur moves and are so conscious of their own...

I sometimes feel I should ve started with chennai straight from college and not gone to bang... Most ppl there are away from their homes and they actually open up to friendship easily.. here most people live with their folks, and treat the work place strictly as a place to make money. Chennai is struggling to be cosmo...

Maybe ppl take longer to accept a new comer...

used to long for mom's food... but now hate eatin it alone in mah seat... Maybe I am an extrovert, afterall.. :-P

that actually prompted the strange -familiar one...

Karthik said...

@Sol - happens .. The problem is that everyone have their own lunch mates/coffee mates etc etc .. And it generally is irritating to try entering such 'cliques' .. I kind of had the same problem when i switched companies - i had a big big gang of friends in the old company while i hardly knew anyone in the new place. But i met some nice people (fellow new joinees) and formed my own gang again .. The fact that i could refer some of my old company mates and college guys into this place also helped a lot :D :D Keep looking - u will find like minded people !!

"here most people live with their folks, and treat the work place strictly as a place to make money" - Good one !!! I kind of tell the same thing to my lead when he we discuss abt the contribution of a few fellow project mates - i tell him in no uncertain terms - "I am not here to make friends and i dont mind being rude if it interrupts my work" :D :D

The Soliloquist said...

hey karthik.. lucky you.. me in a single member team.. sittin beside other teams..

and yeah, i missed that one out.. the constant yapping, durin work hours, irks me to such an extent that i listen to music all day all week... but i m beginnin to think that deprives me of the oppurtunity to strike conversation... One needs to work when one has to, and live at other times ;-)

Karthik said...

It depends on how you define "living". I used to define it as constant yapping, all those unwanted cigaratte breaks and discussion about who got what hike and so on .. But these stuff doesnt excite me any longer - this place is completely different, i have very few friends here !! But this gives me lots of time to spend on work, catch up with old college buddies and generally do more productive stuff !! And u wont believe it - a year of working in such circumstances have made me more attached and passionate abt work than ever before - so much so that i sometimes work on Saturdays where it's absolutely silent and even the AC and coffee machine aren't around to "disturb" u !!

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

Kind of late crashing into the comment-party...

Here're some:

The bigger picture is always better;The details being God.
Music becomes poetry when the words matter.The greatest fear is the fear of failure, noticed.
Love is a flattering failing...
... and so on.

All the best in the new town !

Shakti said...

Nice posts Sukanya..great gift of the gab...Thanks for all the good words about me...Am happy you were there for the finals!

Keep writing!

The Soliloquist said...

yes. one neednt seperate work and life... depends on how you relate to your job. But in my case, I am closer to a few buddies in office than the ones from college.
Maybe that explains the adaptability factor.

@ G! :
Guess I inspired many a spoof.. :-)
Good ones, though..
Btw, what about the media blog? Nothing happening of late ??


Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)