Jul 5, 2007

People 6:Mommy Dear

A high profile outlet of a well-known chain of jeweler’s stores. A young couple. Romance is in the air. The husband holds up many a necklace to see which suits his lovely wife the best. An adamant toddler, all of two years and a half, may be. Refusing to get down from her vantage perch, viz her mother’s hip.

Pink turns red, when the little one intrudes into the adult’s bliss. The mother struggles to balance both her burdens, small and big. The neglected husband stomps off. A bored child, slides off her hip. The sales persons watch the melee. The haggard mother is left confused and dazed.

Not even once did the husband offer to mind the child. Newly flaunted Gender Equality bowing down to stereotypes ingrained from childhood.

And the sales persons watched.
A high profile outlet. Professional service. Sans the personal touch.


Karthik said...

baby minders ?? Kids play area ?? Grandparents ???

And dont tell me u visited GRT !!

~SuCh~ said...

Nope.. it wasnt GRT... it was tanishq.. and i didnt visit the shop.. i was watching from outside.. I avoid jewellery shops as a fish avoids land.. :)

Rashmi said...

Point to be noted!!

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

Sol: Good, but does not best the earlier ones. Btw, I thought you were going to keep away from judgments ! :)

~SuCh~ said...

@Rashmi : :)
I have not judged anyone/anything. Just observed the forces at play.