Aug 25, 2007

Just Wondering - 3

Why can't the mysteries of Death also include the means to perpetrate it?


Karthik said...

Reminds me of someone's status message - "Shit Happens in Life". Gruesome acts committed by senseless misguided people !!

musafir said...

So let's see now -

1. Forest fires in Italy and Greece, leaving close to a 100 dead put together. Some suspect arson.

2. Floods in North Korea and Australia, leaving 300,000 homeless in the former and over a hew hundred stranded in the latter.

3. Parts of South East USA face the worst drought since the Depression years. Thousands of acres of crops perished this summer.

4. The humanitarian crisis in Darfur starting from 2003 and still continuing has claimed an estimated 200,000-400,000 dead and rendered 2.5 million people homeless.

Will you be posting about any of this?

~SuCh~ said...

@ karthik : cant say they are senseless and misguided... Its just that one cant fathom what makes death and destruction appear sensible and what brutal force guides them to it.

@musafir :
1. I did not know about it.
2 and 3. Was not referring to natural calamities. They are no less painful, though.
4. Yes, I would.

To word my question better :

There are so many things we do not know about death, what after, what during, and the why of it. But why must the knowledge of causing it alone be revealed to humans ?