Apr 10, 2008

Grumpy Tales -2

Publicity Stunt

The auto driver grew impatient. Too many traffic signals. And serpentine line of vehicles.
Bullying, pleading, honking, and with other driving acrobatics he made it from the tail to the head.

He turned back , as though to see how the ‘cushtomer’ took all his manic maneuvers.
Sensing, that the “cushtomer” was on the edge of her seat, brows arched, he reassured, “If I don’t do this madam, I would be forced to wait in the next red signal also. What is life without risks? ”.

With that undebatable rhetoric and a sheepish grin, he resumed his cursing of the cussed signal, now having relaxed the “cushtomer” ’s nerves.

Just then, an ambulance sped forward, getting an unfair lead over the auto, blaring its siren , with its red lights blinking.

Our Aristotle of the Auto rushed out on the road, and ran around the ambulance, jumping up and down and trying to peer inside.

Taken aback by his bizarre behaviour, the hapless Cushtomer called out to him.

“Crooks madam, this (name of a big hospital chain) fellows. At every major signal, they just turn on those sinister red lights and blare their sirens. No patient inside. Why have they switched off the lights inside the ambulance, if they did have a patient inside? This is a cheap publicity stunt. The guys at the Government must catch them red handed and lock them up.
How will they do it? No they wont. They are the ones who get the free treatment from these big hospitals. The shameless cheats.”

The Cushtomer cared a damn for the signal, the big hospital cheats or the government.
Must get back home asap. To watch the citizen journalists scoop on CNN IBN.


Anonymous said...

The ambulance might be rushing to save someone (who knows might be a Cushtomer in another citizen journalist's auto) in danger

~SuCh~ said...

@ anonymous:
Point Taken. Didnt strike the harried cushtomer then and now. :)

Wanted to highlight the auto driver's hyper sensitive nose that smelled a rat everywhere.. Or perhaps an overdose of commercialisation has made normal folk paranoid and skeptical...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Would have been nice if you had left your name int he comment. :)

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

I'd like to think that the ambulance was rushing to save someone like anon said. I'd have given them 100% of the benefit of the doubt; until about 4m ago; when on the ring road, an ambulance carrying a whole family without the sirens/lights was gently motoring along with people in lazy conversations inside. As soon as the traffic got worse, the driver switched on the sirens etc; the driver of our car had the same reaction to that of the auto driver.
I guess the auto drivers have a nose for such things.