Feb 3, 2006

The Prey

Dead and Depressing
Numb under the oppressing
Insipid grayness
Rip up the layers
Reveal the masqueraders
Filth, decadent ignominy
Venom dipped in honey
Odium in forms so many
Beasts ready for the kill
Suck your blood, they will
But never enough to their fill
Wriggle under their clasp
Struggle to free their grasp
Flee, run and gasp
Trapped in their milling mob
Looted with nothing left to rob
Frozen without blood to throb
Remember, your lot is to feed
Their undying, perennial need
No soul would come to your heed.
The Lord’s design is thus,
So make never any fuss,
Die Living you mus’.

- The Lunatic Bard.


interfer--on said...

hoi suks sans duks,

Oopsey chopsuey.....don't know wat instigated ye to pen this myriad jumble of words....scary to read, lots to dread.......hope allz fine at yer end....ciao.....godspeed :))

The Soliloquist said...

@interfer: Wow! finally the busy butcher found time to go thru my blog!!! Vin, u made my day , man!!

Vishnu Prahalad N said...

i should say that you would make a great "heavy metal" lyricist..
just the lines iron maiden or judas priest would be looking for..

The Soliloquist said...

@vishnu: thanks.. but its easy to write like this, if u have as irritable a temperament as mine :-)

Anonymous said...

Guess who???? ;)
Your poems aaaaaaaaaaarggghh!!!!!!
Write something short and sweet like..

Life is so sweet,
I wanna eat,
I can't stand this heat,
By the end of summer, I'd be dead meat!!!...

Or somethin' like that? See easy and simple!! :D

PS: I asked u to turn the word verification off! :|

The Soliloquist said...

@anony: if u say things abt the heat, then u shld be frm my hometown..

is it the couture guy?

As for the word verification, was forced to do so, cos of a sudden flurry of spammin comments..

Anonymous said...

It's not a guy!
Sheesh!! Did I just reveal my secret? ;)

- GW!?? (that's short for guess who!??)

PS: I decided to fight that evil word justification!!! :| Nobody can defeat me!!! :D

The Soliloquist said...

@ anony: is it my dear old roomie?? ;-)

i too hav to undergo the torture of word verification..