Sep 25, 2006

The Rubber Stamp

The first citizen of this Nation has always been a puppet, with multiple strings. But one man chose to differ. He, himself is a living example of pure honesty, sheer intellect and endearing simplicity. Definetly not a man of our decadent times. I happened to read an interview of President Kalam today,some excerpts which caught my attention:

Young India:

What do you feel about the innumerable interactions you have had with students all over the country?
Well, I have met children and youth throughout the country from all walks of life. I have seen students in islands, north-eastern States and tribal areas. One thing I find uniformly among 150-170 million students of 17 years age is that they want to perform. Their enthusiasm is very high and they want to live in a competitive India. No one can beat the youth power of our country, which is the most powerful resource. But, it is understood very little in the mechanism of our political and bureaucratic system

All this rhetoric about the youth power has never sold well with me, for I believe the youth of today are so consumed by consumerism and are blinded by slefishness on all 360 degrees, that even the very immediate social circle, vis-a-vis the family blends into the background.

Quelling my pessimistic sentiments, is the Prez's response to another question.

In recent months, the IT and ITES sectors have taken away the cream of students around the country. How will the manufacturing and other sectors manage?
We are generating 3 million graduates every year. The migration to IT industry is only 1-1.2 million. Even if the IT industry absorbs one more million, there are graduates for the manufacturing sector. The shortage is imaginary. Like in the IT, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, challenges have to be created in other areas also. Focus should be on the Small Scale Industry that makes an impact on the nation's economy. The whole IT industry is a result of youth power. Similarly, in the manufacturing, agriculture and other sectors, youth power is required.

Despite one's leftist misgivings, one has to hand it to the IT industry for bringing the radical and exponential growth that a devoloping nation with a humungous population such as India's desperately needed. Inspite of a growth that was not ideally equitable, the very same consumerism which I so badly loathe, gave into a number of supporting services and products,generating employment oppurtunities, hitherto unimagined.

The Political Milieu:

Politics shall always be dirty. Power makes shenanigans out of good men. People who have climbed the rungs of the political ladder have done so, trampling innocents at every step. Even the so-called elite politician, can, by no reasonable means, boast of an un-stained hand. Politicans cant help being dirty. And Politics shall remain dirty. Poaching the predators with a shot-gun , ala RDB style, isnt practical and doesnt solve a single issue, and instead giving rise to unwarranted militancy and misleading naxal movements.

Working against the system requires strength of will,muscle and money. Working with the system will drag us into depths of degeneration. Working a change within the system, is probably what the most pragmatic of us would do. And thats what the scientist turned Head of the State, has tried to do.

You have addressed Parliament and several legislatures. What do you feel about the quality of debate in the Houses? Do you think live telecast of the proceedings can contribute to a more orderly conduct of the Houses?
No, I don't want to say much about it because everything is beamed (live telecast) directly now. But I have two things to say that will electrify political/Parliament activities and development missions. Politics has two components — political politics and developmental politics. The political politics concerns elections to the Assemblies and Parliament. Developmental politics is about the plan to develop the nation on different fronts. Elected representatives should focus 30 per cent on political politics and 70 per cent on developmental politics. The nation is bigger than political parties.

One book, that left a mark on me, was "The Man" by Irving Wallace. It describes the trials and tribulations of the first black man to become the President of United States, in a racially torn America, the forces around him that fabricate an impeachment case and how he survives the ordeal, never, even once compromising his character. So deep was the impact of this book, that I ended up wishing for such a man to lead the country I lived in. Guess my wish was granted, albeit within the system.

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Anonymous said...

Contrary to what u say, he is the same man who didnt open his mouth abt the gujarat riots. Again the same man who go places often, but cud not find time to visit the tsunami raged villages.
God bless him!!