Sep 27, 2006


I left my watch at home
And my mobile under the pillow
Bid adieu to the seconds
As I swiped out.

Plunged into a book
Reached home in a jiffy
Inspite of a sad traffic jam
Time-lessness feels great !

Lunatic Bard


Nero said...

..or it used to, till the day
I found the project I worked on
was due the previous day..


Nero said...

time sure runs fast when you're having fun, doesn't it? Am home after exams and already a quarter of my holidays is over! Not fair!

markiv said...

aaah... well... thts relativity i guess;)
anyways, i guess lifes always sittin wit ur back on fire.. n burn as u might, get used to it, n theres no fun like it.. but it truly feels awesome to take a moment n read a write so plainly fantastic...
keep it goin

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

this wednesday would have been greater :), I guess !!

The Soliloquist said...

@nero : Not keepin a tab on time is real utopia... !! Hope u had a rockin time lickin rasam at home ;-)

@markiv:true.. wish such moments were many .. thanks for visiting..:-)

@engeetham : was in my hometown, on wed... couldnt relive the "excitement" of dr.rajkumar's funeral procession... but then time surely flies when u drive ur dad nuts with ur antics.. ;-)