Apr 26, 2007


Was listening to Santhosha Kaneere from Uyire ( 'Dil Se Re' from Dil Se)

Unnodu Naan Konda Bantham
Mannodu Mazhai Konda Sontham
Kaainthaalum Adi Eeram Enjum

Translated (to the best of my ability) this would mean:

The bond that we have, my dearest
Is that of the rain and the earth
Drops ensconced in parched land...

Is it possible to find such love?

Even in this age of pink valentines , inflation and gun culture?

Or is it an amaranthus that blooms only in the mind of the poet?

Are these merely words mouthed by tragic heroes of the days gone and days to come….untouched by time then, now and later?


catch 22 said...


Karthik said...

First, it's really really difficult to translate tamil poems into English - i did it for soem time in college and very rarely i cud capture exactly what my friend wrote !! Aneeways i think, the translation shud be different - atleast the last line -

The bond that we have, my dearest
Is that of the rain and the waiting earth
Even when you see it become dry
You can feel the actual wetness beneath

(All credits to my friend Krishna)

~SuCh~ said...

@catch: :-)
yes... sometimes the beauty of the words is preserved only in the original...

As for the translation, I felt that being faithful to the meaning would steal the poigancy of the import... :)