Jun 23, 2008

Of Hawks and Eagles.

Whenever you have a problem in life, become a hawk. Soar into the sky.
Zoom out.
Zoom out so much that the problem becomes a tiny little green pea.
Stay zoomed out at this precise altitude for a while.
Till you enter a stupor.

Then zoom in again. Zoom in so fast, that everything around you is a blur.
Stop. Brake at a height where the problem turns into a piece of cake.

Now hover for a while. Stare at the problem. See the connections. Check for any dynamite remote switch properties that the problem may have.

Now, continue to zoom in.
Make a dash, headlong, eyes closed.
And land spread-eagled.


Ganesan said...

y can u zoom out exactly to the size of the cake instead of zooming out and then zooming in!!!!
I cant understand

~SuCh~ said...

The zoom outs are for removing the fear of solving a problem (for the sake of example, a big one)

Pea size zoom :

To feel that the problem is small and insignificant in the grander scheme of things. (Illusion no 1 : farthest from reality)

Piece of cake zoom :

Zooming back in, but stopping here so that full blast of reality is not felt after Illusion no 1.

Here problem appears bigger, but solvable. Investigate possible relations with other issues. See if it can act as a remote switch for some other problem.

Then zoom back in to the real issue, and land on it face flat.

P.S :
Reality : That of now and here.(time and space) The zooming processes expand and contract these two contraints.

P.P.S :

This was written in jest, to mock most self-help theories. :)

And thanks for commenting :)

~SuCh~ said...
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EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

I call this bounce-high, bounce-low theory !! :)
(why moderate yourself, btw ?)

~SuCh~ said...

@G :

That was a duplicate comment.. :)