Sep 30, 2007

Chak De, So they say !

I am really happy about India winning 'a world cup'. Even if it has been in a form of the game new to most of the contenders. And even if Lady Luck did more than smile upon the Boys in Blue (BIB).

But not long ago, an underdog of a sport, unfortunately one that was once India's pride in the commonwealth, did a heroic resurgence after decades. A bunch of non-descript Indians won the Asian hockey Cup, with less or mediocre media mileage than they deserved.

And unabashedly, the media pulled in a Bollywood flick, Chak De India to attribute this feat to.
Possibly scripted in the wake of the BIB's sad show at the Caribbean World Cup ODI's, this movie chose a Hockey Vs Cricket theme, perhaps for want of a Cinderella of Indian Sports. It could have been Tennis, Athletics, Kabaddi, or even seven stones and hopscotch, for all that you care. Although, it capitalized on the popular anti-BIB sentiment, I felt it was more of an Indianized version of Hollywood's Baseball- Movies. Of course, with a lot of babes for extra coverage.

Not to mention King Khan as the hard hitting coach.

Basking in the rare media attention thrown upon them, BIB's poor cousins, gratefully, nevertheless unnecessarily dedicated their hard earned victory to the actor and the movie.
Less was said of the win, in itself, and lesser of the people behind it.

Perhaps enthused by his name becoming resonant with one sport, King Khan made his presence felt at the Twenty20 Cup, where the BIBs salvaged a thrilling win. With our Baadshah of Bollywood, Chak De-ing them. Step aside, Mandira Bedi, you small screen belle!

Not to be outdone by tinseldom, our respected political brethren from all friendly and not so friendly states, jump into the fray announcing hefty sums of tax-payer's money as rewards to decorate the BIBs.

Our poor cousins, realise what a ride they had been taken for, blink back their tears at the scraps of media attention thrown to them, and begin a Satyagraha-of-sorts, that,sorry to say, looks more pathetic than anything else.

Despite not being a sporting aficionado, one can't remain blind to this incongruity. But, that’s what we, as a nation, have chosen to be. Becoming selectively amnesic, lapping up to the upcoming ODIs. Degradation of the sporting fan into the dastardly voyeurs who watched the Gladiators at the Colosseum.

Yet another classic instance of the Great Indian Apathy at play. (Pun –intended.)

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aravindh KRISHNAMOORTHY said...

Thanks. A newspaper I would read. Pun is good.

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

Couple of us were seriously considering PIL against the doles... But then, aam-aadmi, right !

~SuCh~ said...

@arvindh: Thanks :)
@ G : 'aam-aadmi' is an euphemism for the Great Indian Apathy. :)