Sep 19, 2007

Just Wondering -4

A short cut to Ramar Sethu

Karunanidhi : "Who is this Rama? From which engineering college did he gradute? Is there any proof for this?"

Advani :''Today a civil war is going on and the government of Tamil Nadu is adding to it"

My father : "Intha Rendu kezhathaiyum pidichu jail la pota Ramarum nimmadhiya irupar, sethu vum nimmadhiya irukum." * (chuckles)

* Translation :
'If both these old croonies are put in jail, Rama would be happy, and so will the bridge. '


Hari said...

:) Super Naina!

Karthik said...

Do we call bridge as sethu in tamil too ? The first time i heard of this name - i thought it was a person !! In any case, all that resulted out of this sethu thing was two people losing their lives when a bus was torched in B'lore and that saddens me rather makes me angry !!

Feni said...


~SuCh~ said...

@ hari : :)
Sethu means bridge in tamil, used by Bharathiyar in Sindhu nadyin isai...

check this out :

@ feni : :)